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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need to register on the Matwork 1 Course?
None. We do not require any prerequisite qualifications. We do require evidence of 20 class or 'One to One' class attendances signed off by the Pilates teacher as proof of attending. We regard the Matwork 1 course as a foundation to the full training.

How long will the training take?
This depends entirely on you and your schedule. Once you have successfully completed the Matwork 1 course you will qualify for insurance to teach fundamental repertoire for beginners and mixed ability Matwork classes. We allow a maximum of 1 year for successful completion of Matwork 1. This experience will allow you to anchor in the basic knowledge. You can take further courses as and when you feel ready. We recommend that you try to complete the level 3 Pilates qualification (the Matwork Diploma) within a 2 year period, although we do not specify a particular timescale. The Equipment Diploma to achieve the Master Certification can add a further 12-18 months.

How much does the training costs?
There are several ways you can commit to the training plans. Your choices will therefore have a direct impact onto the fees. The full breakdown of course content, fees and payment options is available from our Teacher Training Pack.

Are there any additional fees?
There are no additional costs for Diploma students. All course fees are inclusive of course materials, administration, registration and assessment fees. There are no hidden costs. On an individual basis non-Diploma students may incur an additional fee of 35. This is non-vatable fee and is the direct cost charged to the Pilates Institute by Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) from whom you will receive Level 3 status. Fees for entry on to the National Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) can vary and are charged directly by them to you upon application.

What qualification do I achieve at the end of the training?
The Matwork Diploma program carries a Pilates Level 3 status and will enable you to register on the Register of Exercise Professionals as a Pilates Instructor at Level 3. The Pilates Institute also certifies the Matwork 1 course, which is equivalent to the OCR Level 2 - Pilates Based Matwork status. The Equipment Diploma carries the Pilates Institute accreditation and certification. The Masters Certification is accredited by the Pilates Institute. All the Pilates Institute certification programs are recognised and respected worldwide. During the training all courses will have a certificate issued upon successful assessment.

What's the difference between your course and others on the market?
Our training is the result of over 27 years experience with the Pilates technique. We can offer a comprehensive training through all levels of Matwork and equipment including remedial and special populations. When you commit to the Pilates Institute training programs, whether you commit to all or part of the Masters Program, you will benefit from the full support of the faculty, before, during and following your completion of the training. You do not need to join another school to achieve your complete training in the Pilates technique. Our Programs are research and evidence based with an excellent success rate. We do not require any supervised teaching hours. We do however have one of the highest face-to-face tutor hours of any Pilates training provider. All evidenced practice hours are completed in your location within your schedule. You do not need to commit to the full Diplomas or Masters Certification as you can purchase each course within the programs individually. This will allow you to work at your pace and within your budget.

Where does the training take place?
The courses take place in Budapest.

What happens if I do not pass my examinations first time?
The Pilates Institute takes pride in helping students achieve the best standard possible. We take our training very seriously and will make every effort to enable you to gain a pass mark. The Pilates Institute will make faculty members available to you for additional tutelage, practice teaching and revision where re-attendance of a course element is not practical. However, each case is dealt with on an individual basis and is dependent upon the specific circumstances at the time. If your tutors or assessors recommend or support re-attendance then no extra fees are charged.

If I am unable to attend a course I have pre-booked, will I loose my fees?
No, however all fees are non-refundable. All we need is written confirmation of postponement and we will credit your fees to the next course date you can attend. This could even be an extended period dependent on circumstance. If it is an unforeseen emergency and no notice is given, we will transfer fees to the next course once written confirmation is received. In cases of regular non-attendance the Pilates Institute will advise you that a fee may be due on any further occurrences. Cancellation or non-attendance fees will not be charged without this being advised prior to any future events. This does not effect registration terms and conditions.