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The Pilates Institute Matwork Diploma is an internationally recognised programme that will enable students to become a comprehensively training Pilates matwork teacher.

The training may be taken on a pay as one goes basis, building the programme piece by piece. The Pilates Institute recommend committing to the complete diploma programme in order to develop your Pilates career in a planned and structured way.

The Pilates Institute faculty are dedicated to enabling students to complete their Pilates training with as much support and assistance as they require.

The Pilates Institute Matwork course is a stepping stone towards a comprehensive training programme that includes the Pilates equipment.

Matwork -
Course structure

Pilates Trainer Program
(Matwork Diploma) = 470 000 HUF
Purchased individually = 597 000 HUF
Diploma saving = 127 000 HUF
6-24 months to complete from first training

Technical lectures - totalling 150 000 HUF
Healthy back30 000 HUF1 day
Shoulder girdle and neck30 000 HUF1 day
Sacroiliac and hip30 000 HUF1 day
Knee and foot30 000 HUF1 day
Clinical posture30 000 HUF1 day

Matwork 3 - 120 000 HUF82 hours
The movements60 000 HUF2 days
Review and class planning60 000 HUF2 days

Matwork 2 - 147 000 HUF90 hours
Repertoire analysis87 000 HUF3 days
Teaching application60 000 HUF2 days

Matwork 1 - 180 000 HUF94 hours
(Theory - depends on prior knowledge+ 50 000 HUF2 days)
Technique and teaching150 000 HUF6 days
Assessment30 000 HUF1 day
Entry level with prior qualifications in anatomy and physiology

Matwork - Level 1.

Modular / Intensive: 56 lecture hours, 30 suggested practice hours of which all must be documented.

Pre-requisite: Anatomy and physiology.

This is the foundation of our training. Whether you are a group exercise instructor, personal trainer or looking to change careers, this is our entry level training. With the modular format you have tutor time and must take personal responsibility to practice between modules. There is a recommended period of at least 4 weeks teaching practice before your final assessment. Recommended 60 hours practice time.

Course Includes:

Manual and Study Video with pre-attendance checklist tasks.

  • Module 1 (3 days), Anatomy and Physiology and Movement Analysis Weekend
  • Module 2 (2 days) Movement essence and exercise goals. Muscular initiation and sequencing. Breakdown of beginner and 'mixed level' workouts. Visual skills, looking for proper execution of the exercises, exercise variations and modifications. Review of paperwork / portfolio requirements.
  • Module 3 (2 days) Review of moves and Pilates specific cueing issues. Warm ups and movement transitions. Effective communication, verbal cueing and effective imagery. Portfolio requirement documenting understanding of Health and Safety / Emergency issues and understanding of the group education dynamic within the health and fitness environment.
  • Module 4 Assessment of 2-3 moves for practical preparation (mobility and strength). Practice teaching with feedback. Introduction of variations and contraindication for Special Populations (pregnancy and seniors clients).
  • Assessment day - Your portfolio and copy lesson plans must be presented at the start of the assessment day.
  • Theory Assessment - 60 point multiple choice theory paper to Level 3 standard.

Assessment and certification summary:

Letter of Competancy to teach is issued after the following criteria has been met.

  • Successful completion of assessment day at 5th class beginner level Completed portfolio Evidence of current CPR and insurance policy.

Certificate of Achievement

  • Letter of Competancy issued Successful submistion of class video with supporting paper-work for a fundimental Pilates Matwork mixed ability class.

Matwork - Level 2.

Modular / Intensive: 40 lecture hours, 40 practice hours, 50 case study hours.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of the Matwork 1 Certification Course or appropriate Pilates experience.

During this course you will learn how to safely and effectively take your client through beginner, intermediate and advanced work in a personal training environment and also to adapt and apply information to a group situation where appropriate.

Course Includes:

  • Five 8-hour days. (Module 1) Friday - Sunday and (Module 2). Saturday - Sunday.
  • Anatomy and Physiology refresher material.
  • Manual and Study Video incorporating the history of the technique.
  • Recommended 40 hours practice time (excluding case studies).
  • The Modified Movements, purpose adaptations and progressions for each.
  • Practical Postural Assessment - learning to assess clients' postures and recognise misalignment.
  • Programme design - how to create a suitable Pilates programme based on clients' aims and postural assessment.
  • Screening - Interview techniques to gather client information. Referral procedures providing sample letters to Chartered Physiotherapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopath, Chiropractors and GP's.
  • Muscular initiation and sequencing.
  • Visual skills, looking for proper execution of the exercises.
  • Effective communication, verbal cueing and effective imagery incorporating breathing and relaxation techniques. Teaching different techniques to increase body awareness, quality movements and relaxation.
  • Pilates Labs - an opportunity to do a consultation, postural assessment and take a client through an appropriate Pilates session under supervision.
  • Introduction to small equipment in relation to a Pilates Based programme (Ball, Ring, Dynaband and Foam Roller.

Assessment and certification summary:


  • Portfolio requirement documenting 6 Case Studies, outlining 8 sessions per client. To include details of clients postural assessment, exercise selection and objectives. The clients progress should be documented and your observations, adaptations or alterations where appropriate recorded and justified with a final postural assessment, summary and conclusion.
  • Following submission of your case study material, a date and time may be arranged when you can be assessed working with a client for one hour. If you are unable to obtain a client, Pilates Institute will endeavour to do so for you. You may opt to assess with video presentation if distance is an issue.

Certificate of Achievement

  • Issued upon sucessful completion of both written and practical assessment

Matwork - Level 3.

Modular / Intensive: 32 lecture and 32 practice hours, 50 case study hours.

Pre-requisite: Matwork 1 and 2

This programme is designed to introduce you to the original Pilates group matwork repertoire of 34 movements along with a few extras and numerous modifications. The goal is to create a larger body of work to enable you to move your Mat 1 clients toward a more challenging repertoire whilst still adhering to the Pilates Institute Method protocol.

The first two days you will analyse the movements, transition, appropriate stretching and class formatting. Each movement will be categorised allowing us to more easily design the class format for the appropriate level of the group. The second two days involves completion of the movements, a summary of previous movements and fine tuneing of observation skills within both your own and a classes quality of movement. This is not a test; the aim is to help you understand what areas of your own physicality and teaching practice need attention.

Assessment and certification summary:

Assessment Intermediate

  • Video assessment of teaching a intermediate class with supporting class plan and self evaluation with minimum of 5 class participants.
  • Video assessment of own practice completing the above lesson plan with self evaluation.

Assessment Advanced

  • Written class plan to include fifteen movements
  • Analysis of 5 movements: Purpose and benefits, physical pre-requisites, suggested prepartory movements
  • Pilates study paper (minimum of 2000 words)
    History including early development
    Introduction and development of equipment
    Introduction of Pilates to the UK
    When was it introduced to the medical world
    Comparison and reasoning of original versus modifications to the technique

Certificate of Achievement

  • A certificate of achievement for both intermediate and advanced will be issued separately
  • An original repertoire certificate of achievment will be issued upon the above being achieved including reference to both intermediate and advanced levels

Please note: Previously Intermediate and Advanced courses

Technical days

Healthy Back - (Previously Backcare and Pilates)
Pre-requisite: Fundamental Group Matwork This is a one-day course including: Learn about the common causes of back pain and the strategies to educate your clients to minimise back problems. Using current research you will learn to adapt Pilates based Matwork movements to help your clients. On completion of the course, you will be awarded the Pilates Institute Certificate of Attendance for Healthy Back & Pilates.

Shoulder Girdle & Neck
Pre-requisite: Fundamental Group Matwork This is a one-day course including: This one day course comprises one half day for each topic although there will be some crossover. The day will cover the structure and function of the Shoulder girdle and Neck. Anatomy and Physiology together with common problems associated to this area. Some discussion will take place relating information to Pilates Institute Method.

Sacroiliac & Hip
Pre-requisite: Fundamental Group Matwork This is a one-day course including: During the day you will learn about the structure and function of the Sacroiliac and Hip joints. Common problems associated with these two areas will be discussed along with the Anatomy and Physiology of the joints. This is a very important area for the Pilates Institute Method - it is important that a firm understanding of this area of the body is shown.

Knee & Foot
Pre-requisite: Fundamental Group Matwork This is a one-day course including: This is a one day course studying the structure and function of the knee and foot. The anatomy and physiology of the two areas will be covered and common problems associated with them will be explored. These areas are relevant to posture and stability an understanding of the working order will help when assessing clients.

Clinical Posture
Pre-requisite: Fundamental Group Matwork This is a one-day course including: Postural assessment is important in order to design a specific programme to meet individual needs of clients Clinical Postural Assessment will look in detail at alignment. Muscle Length Testing will be an important part of this day. Issues affecting posture will be explored. You will learn how to assess posture and use clinical reasoning to create a personalised programme.

Communication Skills
Pre-requisite: Commencement of Matwork 1 This is a one-day course including: A day designed to build or refine the communication skills and confidence required for sucessful movement teaching skills.