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Payment plans

Comprehensive Pilates Diploma
880 000 HUF
Equipementes and Matwork

Pilates Equipement Diploma
490 000 HUF
Paid separately

Pilates Matwork Diploma
(Talajmunka Diploma)
597 000 HUF
Paid separately

The choice is yours to:

  • Pay by moduls as you go
  • Commit yourself for the complete Programme - Pilates Institute Comprehensive Diploma
  • Commit yourself for the Matwork Diploma
  • Commit yourself for the Equipement Diploma

The Pilates Institute faculty will be there to support you, guide you before, troughout and after you have completed your education.

Payment Plans are available to new or existing delegates who are upgrading to or committing to the diploma programmes.

New candidate: Matwork Diploma
Equipment Diploma
Masters Certification

Payment Details

Structure - first payment immediately with 11 subsequent payments on the 5th of each month.

New Candidates

Matwork Diploma payment plan (Full) - 470 000 HUF
Initial payment 42 000 HUF
11 further payments (5th of each month) 42 000 HUF

Equipement Diploma payment plan (Full) - 440 000 HUF
Initial payment 40 000 HUF
11 further payments (5th of each month) 40 000 HUF

Comprehensive Diploma payment plan (Full) - 880 000 HUF
Initial payment 75 000 HUF
11 further payments (5th of each month) 75 000 HUF

The production of these figures is in no way intended as a contract or guarantee. Please check the current status of these plans and request a written proposal is wishing to pursue.
June 2009