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This is a new exciting coreographed class with music. The focus is dinamic stretching movement, self facilitated pnf stretching and kinetik chain stretching. Originally it is done with weighted balls, but can be performed without too. It has been launched in march, but soon become very popular in titness clubs.

To register onto the program you need Pilates or exercise to music background.

With the introduction package you'll receive the necessary DVD/CD-t, and the training programme - this is a one day workshop - and certificate. As a continuing developement you have an option the update your knowledge evry 3 month with the newest DVD/CD koreography, or you can sign up for the membership, and we will post it automatically.

Registration, more information:


"Spirals is the name of the latest programme that I have developed over the summer months.

The feedback has been very positive and I am very excited to launch the DVD in January 2008. I have presented pilot sessions in Scotland and Argentina, just to make sure I am on track and that the material is being received as I intended, or if I need to make adjustments. I am pleased to report the Spirals weighted ball programme is a success. Flexibility is a barrier for students of Pilates, even though we know the importance of stretching regularly; it is a slow and ongoing process for which many of us cannot make the time. My motivation for developing the Spirals programme was to create a workout that focussed on movements that incorporated dynamic stretching with inspirational music. Most of my life has been centred round dance and music. Music plays a major part in the motivation I need when creating new programmes. I find the track that inspires me and choreograph to the track. Of course I already have a concept, but it is the music that drives my creativity. Just like everyone else my teaching style is subject to change; recently I have been spending time discussing the benefits of efficient shoulder stability in relation to core stability. It is easy to focus purely on the pelvic floor and TA and neglect the upper body. However in order to achieve good posture, form and function we need to coordinate the two areas. We also need to acknowledge the opinion of the medical profession that any muscles attaching to the spine may be classed a core muscle - so it makes sense to focus equally on stabilising the upper and lower quarters. It is also necessary to understand that any joint restriction will affect the ability of the muscles to function efficiently which is why the movements in the Spirals programme are designed to release the joints, this is why the resistance is light - it is not the intention to "progress" the movements by adding heavier weighted balls to the programme. This is not to say that this would not have a training affect, it is just that the intention of this programme is to improve the range of movement in the joints to enable the muscles to stabilise affectively, not to use the resistance purely for strength, although the Spirals programme does have a toning affect. The weighted balls used in the programme are just .5 kilo and are soft to the touch. The proprioceptive affect of the light weight together with the pliable material of the ball creates a full body awareness that a dumbbell cannot. The thought behind the programme is that the sensation of the weighted ball will help participants to improve the quality of their movement. The first programme will be launched in January 2008 together with a DVD and Training Day. There will be 4 training days during 2008, with each consecutive day building upon the previous one to create a compilation of choreographed sessions. The Spirals Programme is an additional module to add to your existing tool box; it is not intended to replace or undermine in any way the fundamental understanding of the Pilates education that you already have.

My aim when putting the programme together was to offer a class that will help students to become more flexible, and body conscious in order to work towards improving their technique in a mat work class. Drawing students' attention to the need for balance between their shoulder and pelvic girdles will assist in their overall ability to perform the Pilates movements well. The Spirals programme begins with an extended standing section that will challenge balance and alignment. It is in this standing section that the value of good shoulder and pelvic stability will become obvious, and any dysfunction in either area will be highlighted. Of course in the standing work the ability for the student to sequence the set up of neutral spine, and mild engagement of the stabilising muscles will be critical, so it is important that students attending these classes have an understanding of the set up and sequencing of the pelvis and shoulder girdle. The programme is not recommended for complete beginners, like all complementary small equipment courses it is important that students have a firm understanding of the fundamentals before they move toward a challenge with additional equipment. The floor work within the programme is choreographed, continuous and flowing. The main body of the programme alternates between floor work and standing sections which creates a challenge to the heart and lungs by using a full breath, in addition to toning and shaping the body. The full body nature of the workout will not only challenge the participant, but bring about an understanding of how shoulder and pelvic stability are needed to establish quality movements. If they translate this information to their daily lives, improvements in posture and ease of movement will be the results. The benefits of prolonged standing work are well documented, Taoist's believe strongly in the strength and meditative value of relaxed and focussed standing to bring about alignment, balance and healing to the body. The Spirals Programme encourages natural movement that will leave the student feeling relaxed, aligned and conscious of there posture, allowing them to exercise with challenge but without unnecessary tension or blocked energy." - Michael King